More Anatomical Textile Art




A couple more exciting interesting images have been circulating through the Tumblr universe.

The first a bustier trotted out at this summer at “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk,” at the Montreal’s Musée des Beaux-Arts.

The knitted autopsy is the work of  Canadian multimedia artist Cadace Couse and appeared recently on the always-entertaining Street Anatomy.


The Haniwa All-Stars

The Haniwa All-Stars were a delightfully bizarre 1980s musical freak show, created by master drummer and musical provocateur Kiyohiko Senba. While their musical style was all over the map, their costuming was consistent:  pajamas or nurse uniforms.

Guitarist and fellow experimentalist Henry Kaiser describes on the Mutant Sounds blog thusly:

“Many of the members are big pop and/or jazz stars in Japan. Senba is the writer-arranger-conductor-madman behind this band. I suppose that the only person that you might compare Senba to in America, in terms of scale of ambition, is Frank Zappa. (Although Senba’s music has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Zappa or his musical interests.) Senba is spectacularly successful with his truly insane, giant, all style-encompassing musical vision. It’s too bad you will never ever see this release in any American record shop. Too bad that we are so culture-bound over here.”

Drive Recklessly PSA

We’ve been all about driving safety as we prep for the 9/30 car crash show in SF and our Halloween weeend show in LA, so video just clicked in the clickiest way.

Via LaughingSquid:

Drive Recklessly” by The Midnight Show is a hilariously twisted driver safety PSA spoof that offers a scenario in which striking a pedestrian with a car may be the best policy. The Midnight Show is a recurring sketch comedy show at theUpright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Halloween Show Announced

HALLOWEEN HIGHWAY 2 with Art of Bleeding and Friends

Friday, October 28, 8:00pm – 10:30
Saturday, October 29, 8:00pm – 10:30
Sunday, October 30, 8:00pm – 10:30

Steve Allen Theater
4773 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

This Halloween weekend, The Art of Bleeding will once again transform the Steve Allen Theater parking lot into a ghoulish carnival of entertaining catastrophes featuring a SPECTACULARLY REAL MULTI-VEHICLE CAR-CRASH TABLEAU.

Against a smoldering backdrop of twisted cars, you’ll have the opportunity to hear TRUE STORIES OF MEDICAL HORRORS and ACCIDENTS from a rotating lineup of storytellers including MARGARET CHO, ANDY DICKJIM TURNER, TOBY HUSS, EDDIE PEPITONE,  SELENE LUNA, DON BOLLES, STEPHEN HOLMAN, CLINT CATALYST, DUKEY FLYSWATTER, DANNY SHORAGO, KIM STODEL, BIENO SVENGALI, and more TBA shortly.

Providing dubious educational counterbalance to these tales of trauma will be THE ART OF BLEEDING‘s “Magic Ambulance Theater,” a tragically misguided children’s show featuring gore-drenched actors, pedantic Safety Ape, bickering robot, and an ample array of attendant nurses in less-than-ample wardrobe.
FEMALE BLOOD WRESTLING, and a frighteningly live sound-performance installation by the enigmatic medical miracles of BOUNCEHAUSEN round out the evening.

(NOTE: This program may not suitable for children)

TICKETS $10, Available online for: FRIDAY 10/28,   SATURDAY 10/29,  SUNDAY 10/30

(Photos from Halloween Highway 2006)


Andy Dick, Jim Turner, Don Bolles, Clint Catalyst, Bieno Svengali

FRIDAY 10/28
TOBY HUSS  Carnivàle. Adventures of Pete & Pete), (EDDIE PEPITONE (Last Comic Standing, Old School) DUKEY FLYSWATTER (Haunted Garage, Surf Nazis Must Die), STEPHEN HOLLMAN (Theater Carnivale, Pee Wee’s Playhouse), DANNY SHORAGO (The Fuxedos), KIM STODAL

MARGARET CHO (Drop Dead Diva, The Cho Show), TOBY HUSS (Carnivàle, Adventures of Pete & Pete), SELENE LUNA (The Cho Show, My Bloody Valentine 3D)

SUNDAY 10/30
MARGARET CHO (Drop Dead Diva, The Cho Show)TOBY HUSS (Carnivàle. Adventures of Pete & Pete) KIM STODAL



AUTOMOBILE SCULPTURE: Clod Wrinkleman, Al Ridenour

ART OF BLEEDING MAGIC AMBULANCE THEATER: Randy Horton, Phil Glau, Al Ridenour, Eric Ridenour, Auriana Borealis, Jezebelle X, Harmony Rose, Tayler Jones, B.J & Eileen Winslow, Erin Robotmachine.

BOUNCEHAUSEN: Jason Hadley, Elizabeth Herndon, Joe Borfo, Cathy Gingerly, Rev. Mook, Rev. Dak J. Ultimak, Kel, Nicole Arneson, Matteo Oettam, Tim Wheeler, Esther Napastick, Michel Cicero, Todd Sterling

BLOOD WRESTLING: Auriana Borealis, Snow Mercy, Chrystal Skye, &TBA




Rx: Kitsch with Bob Byerley

Googling for “Medical Paintings” the other day turned up these kitschy wonders painted by artist Bob Byerley.

Aside from a colossal sentimentality that makes Norman Rockwell look like George Grosz, Byerley’s undeniable technical skills have helped make his paintings a hot Red State commodity.  Taking a cue, no doubt, from fellow conservative artist/entrepreneur Thomas Kinkade self-styled “Painter of Light,” Byerley bills himself as “The Painter of Our American Childhood,” stressing his heartland cred by pointing to a childhood spent in Kansas City, the propagandistic extremes of this opium dream of an Americana childhood can probably be explained by the fact that the artist only began painting toward the end of the 1960s.

Still, there’s something to love in his depiction of those  low-budget homemade medical props these kids have so ambitiously thrown together.  Can’t help but remind us of an Art of Bleeding show.

Or with a little help from psychedelics maybe this painting, Alice in Nukeland by Alejandro Dini. (thanks LaughingSquid.)

Specimens from the Musée Dupuytren

I shot these a while back while visiting the Musée Dupuytren at the University of Paris medical school and thought I’d share them here. The museum itself is somewhat hard to find (some medical students queried nearby had no idea it existed) and is entered through a series of cluttered academic offices.  I was happy to get any pictures at all as photographers normally require written permission, however, the accidental jostling of a rather persistent cough caused my shutter to be repeatedly depressed resulting in these sometimes fuzzy pictures.  The museum contains hundreds of preserved specimens, wax moulages representing various pathologies, and — apparently — a demon-goat and the hand of a deceased peacenik.