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24 August 2012 0 Comments

Dr. Seuss Doctors Malaria

From a WWII health pamphlet designed by Theodore Geisel (AKA “Dr. Seuss”).

28 July 2011 0 Comments

BEWARE! Poison Gas!

Won’t someone please start selling reproductions of these swell WWII poison gas posters? Don’t know if they are available at the gift shop at the Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin where they currently hang, but thank God, they are least available  online via the Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health & Medicine. Called “Hun […]

7 July 2011 0 Comments

Health for Sale at Philly Museum of Art

The exhibition “Health for Sale” currently at the Philadelphia Museum illustrates the story of commercial medicine through an intriguing collection of posters hawking nostrums, panaceas and health advice in a time before the FDA meddled in such things.There’s more than 50 pieces featuring alabaster skinned beauties seeking anemia cures, virile men donning electro-galvanic belts, families […]

30 June 2011 0 Comments

When You Care Enough to Give Testicles

And speaking of von Hagens yesterday, we came upon this….. “Why, yes, that is a plastinated bull testicle hanging from my neck!” It’s not often enough you are able to utter that sentence, is it? But if you and your credit card can take a moment to swing by world-famous Gunther von “The Plastinator” Hagens’ […]

24 May 2011 0 Comments

Achtung! Electrocution Graphics

The last posting about Soviet industrial safety posters got us thinking about some other safety graphics from dark days gone by. These handsome renderings of electrocution are from the book Electrical Safety in 132 Pictures, published in Germany just a few years before Hitler made his power grab. They were originally scanned and uploaded by roboticist and […]

23 May 2011 1 Comment

Careful There, Comrade!

Judging by these safety posters from the site English Russia it seems Soviet-era Russia was not quite the Workers’ paradise it was cracked up to be. At least we all got some handsome graphics out of all those industrial accidents they must’ve been struggling with. Which is your favorite way to be maimed? Translation: “Don’t […]

19 April 2011 1 Comment

They’ll Never Steal Your Lunch Again

Laughing Squid alerted us to this very special lunch tote found on Who Killed Bambi?. While visiting with Bambi, we couldn’t help but notice another anatomically themed treasure — this splendid specimen of skeleton couture designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Dita von Teese.  

6 April 2011 0 Comments

A Chair with Guts

The source of this image is a bit of a mystery.  Our sources trace it to the fine amalgamator of web oddities  Cult of Weird where it is speculated that it was that it was part of an art exhibition.  We tend to agree, as its chances on the consumer market seem rather slim.  Nice gash […]

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25 March 2011 0 Comments

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