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15 March 2012 0 Comments

Blindfolded “Spirit-Art-Medicine”

Blindfolded “Spirit-Art-Medicine”

Another strange combination of art with medicine, this time from doctor, Jon Tsoi “Master of Tao-Blindfolded-Inner Spirit Art-Medicine.” He explains his blindfolded mucking about with paint, canvas, and herbs as a means of balancing ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. “My art is a remedy promoting a harmonious way of life. Furthermore, it is a prescription for a […]

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13 March 2012 0 Comments

A Surgical Poetry Reading

An un-sedated patient reads a poem dedicated to the scalpel-wielding Dr. Angel Escurdero while under the influence of  “Volitive Psychoanalgesia. The video posted on YouTube is linked to the Spanish doctor’s site where he promotes his own artsy approach to medicine and something he calls “noesitherapy,” or “healing by thinking”  (from the Greek word “noesis” for “thinking).

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5 March 2012 0 Comments

Don’s Foot: The Art of Bleeding Remix

This appeared on the internet a few weeks ago and screamed out for a remix. Not to normal types, perhaps, but we heard the screaming. Enjoy your cane, Don.

1 March 2012 0 Comments

Lightning Flowers

One of the most interesting aspects of Keraunomedicine (yes, there’s a name for the medical study of lightning-strike victims) is the formation of characteristic burns of “lightning flowers” as illustrated above. Lightning flowers, sometimes called Lichtenberg figures, “may persist for hours or days, and are a useful indicator for medical examiners when trying to determine […]

10 October 2011 3 Comments

Rare Live Appearance by Bouncehausen

Our Halloween weekend extravaganza at the Steve Allen Theater will feature a rare live appearance by the enitmatic band/art-collective known as Bouncehausen. Preferring to perform under pitch black conditions only intermittently interrupted by seizure-inducing blasts from a strobe, this reclusive group have rarely been photographed.  However, our sources assure us that the pitiable creatures featured in […]

22 August 2011 1 Comment

Gunther von Häagen-Dazs

Gunther von Häagen-Dazs

The new Art of Bleeding video’s finally done! Body Worlds’ master plastinator has wandered into the frozen desert world. You scream, I scream. We all scream, and scream… and scream….

15 July 2011 0 Comments

“Son, Welcome to Our Scrapyard Family”

“Son, Welcome to Our Scrapyard Family”

This industrial safety video set in a scrapyard has something for everyone: creepy rubbery puppets nagging about workplace dangers, a murderous conveyor belt, a talking piece of scrap metal, and a patriotic anthem to recycling: “It’s a proud American Tradition scrapping the old to make the new.”  Or is was planned obsolesce?

22 June 2011 0 Comments

We Have the Technology

Just a little photoshop fun with captions today…

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20 May 2011 0 Comments

Book Surgeries 2: Anthropodermic Books

Our last entry on book surgeries got us thinking about a more grisly nexus of books and anatomy, in particular: anthropodermic bibliopegy, or the use of human skin in bookbinding. If you thought such things only existed in concentration camp mythology and The Evil Dead movies, think again. Genuine examples can be found in museums the […]

10 May 2011 3 Comments

Medical Simulators, “Pain Girl” & More

After a few moments of wild disorientation (unless you speak Japanese) you will have eventually realized the “woman” in the dental chair is a robot used for teaching dental students. Along with a few speech functions, and realistic oral musculature, her teeth are embedded with sensors or virtual nerves that trigger a yowl of pain […]