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24 August 2012 0 Comments

Dr. Seuss Doctors Malaria

From a WWII health pamphlet designed by Theodore Geisel (AKA “Dr. Seuss”).

15 August 2012 0 Comments

Drug Education for Cats Much like a baby’s skull, The Art of Bleeding has a soft spot — spot in question being a fondness for of old safety educational films.  Above is a prime parodic example in which catnip tidily substitutes for the bogeyman LSD.  Odd fact: creator  Jason Willis is actually one of the kids in the “Halloween […]

20 October 2011 0 Comments

Fantastic Voyage Trailer

It’s 1966 and three men “and a girl” (Raquel Welch in skintight wetsuit) explore a vaguely psychedelic soundstage representation of a macrocosmic human body.  Physiology can be fun!

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5 October 2011 5 Comments

“It’s Great to Be Alive” Vintage Safety

Please enjoy these delightful images from It’s Great To Be Alive, a vintage safety manual uploaded by How to Be a Retronaut.  Our favorite is the result of hide-and-seek in a pile of leaves.      

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13 September 2011 2 Comments

Rx: Kitsch with Bob Byerley

Googling for “Medical Paintings” the other day turned up these kitschy wonders painted by artist Bob Byerley. Aside from a colossal sentimentality that makes Norman Rockwell look like George Grosz, Byerley’s undeniable technical skills have helped make his paintings a hot Red State commodity.  Taking a cue, no doubt, from fellow conservative artist/entrepreneur Thomas Kinkade self-styled “Painter […]

30 August 2011 3 Comments

More Vintage X-Ray Fetishism We can’t just get enough of those Naughty, Naughty Roentgen Rays. The above commercial, from 1930s Germany, nicely illustrates the fears (and titillation) surrounding Dr. Roentgen’s invention, then goes on to assure the modern woman that rumors of “Roentgetn glasses,” been true, she would be well served by the elegance of contemporary Felina lingerie. And these […]

7 August 2011 2 Comments

Jet Age Hospital

Jet Age Hospital

Vintage futurism is always good, clunky fun.  Here we have the hospital of the future as envisioned by Mr. Kaiser Permanente himself.   Newborns in file cabinet drawers….  Remote controls on everything….!

15 July 2011 2 Comments

Inappropriate Playthings

We’re always collecting pictures related to medical, health, safety, and the like, but sometimes other themes emerge. Like with these three otherwise unrelated images all representing things that probably shouldn’t be given to children but apparently were. This painting by Dutch artist Jan van Neck depicts the great anatomist Frederick Ruysch dissecting a stillborn infant […]

20 June 2011 0 Comments

More Bizarre Nurse Romance Novels

More nurse romance cover art today. These gems come from among the 307 volumes in the collection of Tiny Pineapple. Check them out! “She had not expected to find romance on this assignment–but then, almost everything at the Indian Service Hospital had come as a surprise,” says the back cover. With a waist cinched like that, […]

17 June 2011 1 Comment

Rx Atarax: “The Relaxed Wife” (1957)

Continuing our thread from the last post about the marketing of tranquilizers, we offer some snippets from “The Relaxed Wife”, a pharma-pushing film produced by Pfizer in 1957. “Of all the states across this nation, the happiest by far is the state of relaxation”