27 June 2011 0 Comments

Q&A with Abram the Safety Ape

If your acquaintance with The Art of Bleeding comes primarily through this blog, you may never have seen one of our live shows or videos and therefore may be unfamiliar with Abram the Safety Ape, The Art of Bleeding’s educational mission,  0r the unusual approach to health and safety education that Abram embodies. To remedy this, […]

5 April 2011 0 Comments

A Firsthand Account of Trepanation

Check out Neurophilosophy for a delightful interview with Heather Perry, one of the very small number of people to have drilled into her skull in hopes of finding enlightenment. “I wrapped my head up in a towel and we got out of there. A couple of days later, we had another go. We abandoned the hand trepan […]