19 December 2012 0 Comments

Shockheaded Peter Revisited

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqx9SXIsF5I&feature=share&list=PLwULBaitLs__Qi4dQ5dZV6mnc_DeSX0Jw As a holiday gift to our fans, The Art of Bleeding has just released some excerpts from the rarely seen 1955 German movie, “Der Struwwelpeter” ( or “Shockheaded Peter” as it is perhaps best known here via The Tiger Lillies’ marvelous theatrical and musical adaptation.) Above we present “The Dreadful Story of Pauline and the […]

11 August 2012 2 Comments

“It Wasn’t Arizona”

In the interest of puppet safety, The Art of Bleeding brings you this musical recap of events surrounding the arrest of predatory puppeteer and evangelical kid show host, Ronald Brown. If you haven’t been following what is surely one of the most lurid stories of the year, a bit of background from The Huffington Post: […]

8 March 2012 0 Comments

Junior Interns on the Loose?

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it makes me very uncomfortable.

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19 October 2011 0 Comments

More Creepy Puppets on Child Safety

Creepy puppets on creepy parents. Someone please tell Tim & Eric about this.

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5 October 2011 5 Comments

“It’s Great to Be Alive” Vintage Safety

Please enjoy these delightful images from It’s Great To Be Alive, a vintage safety manual uploaded by How to Be a Retronaut.  Our favorite is the result of hide-and-seek in a pile of leaves.      

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