Bleedin’ Art

Spewing gore-soaked foetuses from tentacled wombs and scaring kids straight with “faceless boys,” The Art Of Bleeding make first aid fun!
Words: Denise Stanborough

(From Bizarre Magazine #105, pp 78-79)

The Reverend Al Ridenour drives around LA in an ambulance with a gorilla mascot and a bevy of nurses in sexy latex uniforms. He bypasses accidents and ignores cries for help. But he isn’t a sadistic paramedic, or on his way to a fancy dress party. Al is the founder member of a comedy performance group known as The Art Of Bleeding. Best described as deadly unserious first -aid education show, they scour the city streets “preaching” the merits of safety to bleary-eyed bar crawlers. “None of us are medical professionals,” says Al, proudly. “We are shunned by the medical profession, they are downright hostile toward us….”





Help is on the way

You didn’t call? The Art of Bleeding might come anyway, to take care of that surreal feeling you’re getting.
By Shana Ting Lipton, Special to The Times 

Oct 21 2004

An ambulance rolls through downtown L.A. late Friday night, ready to respond to the first sign of commotion. On the outside, it looks pretty much like any other emergency vehicle. But on the inside, instead of medical professionals, it holds a team of seven artists dressed in doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms. And they’re not seeking accident victims but, rather, partygoers to whom they will tend and preach the merits of safety.




Horror Movie on Wheels Rolls Through LA

It’s Always Halloween for Off-Beat Theatrical Performance Troupe Art of Bleeding
By Shana Ting Lipton, Guide

Art of Bleeding is a kitschy gory LA area performance art/street theater troupe that is best described in mainstream terms as a combination of a ‘60s horror movie, E.R., and The Rocky Horror Show for the Marilyn Manson set. Whether it’s Halloween or not, founder Al Ridenour and his costumed crew can be found riding around in an old ambulance dressed as medics, sexy nurses and other offbeat characters. They stop to give campy theatrical performances and presentations on safety and accidents, sparing no haunting details….






BY: Louise Bak

Al Ridenour can be seen driving around L.A. in an ambulance, with a gorilla mascot and a legion of nurses in sexy latex uniforms. Described as a travelling first-aid show, The Art of Bleeding assembles comedic managed accidents with various performance, film, music and narrative elements. The group aims to reach unconscious minds, aligning with a fictional psychologist Abram S. Lugner’s concept of putting people into states of fright that allow them to respond through sensory overload. They have an upcoming show called Merrie Maladies, a special evening of medical burlesque…





LAist Interview:

The Art of Bleeding’s Al Ridenour

By Roger Park

On this Sunday October 25th, The Art of Bleeding will perform their piece “The Spirits of Safety Show” at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts. With a mix of live performance, film, puppets, music, fake blood, sexy nurses, robots, gorillas and more, The Art of Bleeding will most likely shock and entertain with their humorous and bizarre antics. LAist caught up with Al Ridenour of The Art of Bleeding to get some more insight on the group and their work…





Art of Bleeding:

Sing Songs and the Bright Future of Safety Consciousness
by Marianne Williams

An ape in a hard hat, a giant robot, hand puppets, wheel chairs, and a bevy of latex-clad nurses, dubiously credible doctors and willing patients all piled into a customized ambulance. This is Art of Bleeding, the LA based art and trouble makers led by the one and only Dr. A. P. Ridenour, also known as Reverend Al. Besides wild, ever-mutating live shows, Art of Bleeding also release music and videos to help educate the masses how to guard against the myriad dangers of our modern era from swine flu to trick-or-treat safety to traffic accidents. Based on the photos you may wonder, “What the hell are they doing?” Besides looking awesome, sounding like psychopathia incarnate and subverting… stuff, I’m not totally sure. A few questions with Rev. Al help clear things up….


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