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Spewing gore-soaked foetuses from tentacled wombs and scaring kids straight with “faceless boys,” The Art Of Bleeding makes first aid fun! …  turns straitlaced safety education on its head, and hits the audience with half-naked naughty nurses soaked in animal blood, inflatable foetuses and fucked-up puppet shows.

Amanda Palmer

A perfectly sick and beautiful mix of cabaret goodness and medical madness…. certainly slam your brakes on to rubberneck this gorgeous accident.

Boing Boing

While the jargon is all retro health and safety-education material, the culty fetishism is more J.G. Ballard than CPR.

Science Friday

Their medically-inspired theater is intriguing…Do I get it? No. Do I like it? Yes.

REsearch Publications

Numerous laughs, as well as some disturbingly sexual titillation to those not overexposed to nurse-with-wounds-type porno fetishism… diabolically-compassionate “avant-garde” disguised by satire.

LA Weekly

Take a fetishistic fascination with all things medical, saucy satire of public-safety mascots, and a Fangoria-esque splattering of gruesome props, and what do you have? The Art of Bleeding, the throbbing brainchild of the Rev. Al Ridenour, the Grand Poo-Bah of the L.A. chapter of infamous subversive rascals The Cacophony Society.

Los Angeles Times

Song-and-dance medical cabaret, a sort of Annie meets A Clockwork Orange, complete with retro medical instruction videos.

LA Alternative Press

Reverend Al Ridenour’s ambulance antics define “sick” in the best sense of the word.


Art of Bleeding is a performance art troupe dedicated to warping its audience, one pseudo-medical extravaganza at a time. With former Cacophony Society leader Rev. Al Ridenour as its intrepid founder, AoB are notorious for their multi-media shows featuring a real ambulance, injured “patients” ensnared by medical equipment,fetish nurses ready to ambush attendees, traumatic video projections, and of course, puppets….Art of Bleeding performances are not for the closed-minded or faint-hearted, but I think you guys can handle it.

Art of Bleeding is a kitschy gory LA area performance art/street theater troupe that is best described in mainstream terms as a combination of a ‘60s horror movie, E.R., and The Rocky Horror Show for the Marilyn Manson set.


They just want to help. We’re not sure what the robots, gorillas and nearly naked porn nurses want to do, but we’re willing to trust them.


Brilliantly dark… and not safe for work.


When I came upon this, I thought to myself, “Wow, I am actually, deeply creeped out by this!” then I thought, “This is the kind of sick stuff the internet is all about and yet is so rare these days!”

After Hours City: Los Angeles

Part performance art, part comedy, part Red Asphalt made real, the Art of Bleeding is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


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