Abram the Safety Ape


Meet Abram the Safety Ape

“After all, sometimes Trouble comes to you, right? Sometimes, no matter how safe you act, Trouble comes marching right into your home without knocking. Or Trouble meets you on a street corner. Or in the schoolyard. Or down at the river where all those old refrigerators and TVs are dumped….”


Q&A with Abram the Safety Ape

“Actually, I grew up within the very bosom of safety awareness, or True Safety Consciousness (TSC), as we call it. I suppose I am very privileged in that way. I never really knew my biological parents as they were killed by poachers when I was newborn. I was rescued from the bushmeat market by the radical Austrian psychologist Dr. Abram S. Lugner in 1978 while he was touring Rwanda. Dr. Lugner actually suckled me at his breast!…”


Abram’s Mailbag

Dearest Abram,

Thank you for your recent participation in my child’s stirring SaFeTy FiRsT! program at Palmetto Oaks Elementary School. We had been having a difficult time explaining to him the value of safety and the danger of matches but an afternoon under your tutelage has done the trick. Bless you Abram!

Marie Higgenbotham


Abram the Safety Ape is endoscopically introspective.  (PHOTO: Marianne Williams halfasecondorless.com)

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