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Dearest Abram,

Thank you for your recent participation in my child’s stirring SaFeTy FiRsT! program at Palmetto Oaks Elementary School. We had been having a difficult time explaining to him the value of safety and the danger of matches but an afternoon under your tutelage has done the trick. Bless you Abram!

Marie Higgenbotham

Dear Marie,

Thank you, Marie. Which child was yours? ABRAM THE SAFETY APE really loves kids, but honestly, they all look pretty much alike to me. What was your child wearing? Sometimes clothing helps distinguish one child from another, but I still can’t be sure I would recognize your child if we met again. Besides, there ended up being a lot of smoke in that room, and that can make it pretty hard to see. Luckily, I keep a cool head in situations like that. Good luck with your parenting!

Your friend,

Mr. Safety Ape:

I am a project coordinator for the City of Walden Police Department & Fire Rescue. Your instructional program blended excellently with our internal safety programs for elementary and middle school students. By our account system, accidental injuries in our schools have been reduced by between 15% and 20% depending on the school and calls to 911 involving injured minors similarly have dropped. The results have been most dramatic with our K-3 participants. Because of this high success rate, we are hoping to expand the program to our high school students and eventually implement a program for our prison population.

Thank you for visiting our city and we hope to work with you again in the near future.

Sgt. M. Schacter
City of Walden Police Department & Fire Rescue

Dear Sgt. M. Schacter,

ABRAM THE SAFETY APE was very happy to visit the town of Walden and to meet many friendly policemen and ride from school to school in the big patrol car. It was interesting to see how the back of the policeman’s car is something like a cage in the zoo! Even though ABRAM THE SAFETY APE may not have said anything at the time, he found it very interesting. Sometimes ABRAM THE SAFETY APE just gets very quiet for no reason in particular. He is probably just thinking about SAFETY. Just because he doesn’t answer, doesn’t mean he is not listening. Sometimes it is important just to sit and think and plan and remember.

Your friend,

Dear Abram,

My sweet son Kyle was always getting into harm’s way. My husband and I were wondering what side of the family he inherited his clumsiness from because it was certainly not mine and my husband claims it’s not his either. Anyway, we were starting to run a large tab at the doctor’s office when you arrived at Kyle’s school for your demonstration on safety. What a magical change! It was never that Kyle was just a clumsy boy as we had suspected, it was that he didn’t understand the basics of safety. We were remiss in our important duty to correctly teach Kyle how to be safe. Thankfully, your demonstration corrected our mistakes before it was too late. We owe you in ways money could not compensate.

Thank you, Mrs. S. Doggett

Dear Mrs. S. Doggett,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. It brings up a few very important points about children and our responsibility for their education.

It is a natural tendency for parents to look to themselves or each other when something goes wrong with a child’s behavior, but blame is not the name of the game when it comes to SAFETY. As you point out, sometimes a child may simply be ignorant or unwilling to learn. Sometimes there are forces at work, we may not be equipped to combat. Or sometimes the child may just be a “bad apple”. If we spend all our time struggling to explain the behavior, we will never get around to squelching the very actions we find so undesirable. It is like a general spending all his time theorizing in the “war room,” without every bloodying his hands on the battlefield.

I am delighted to hear that your Kyle is now doing better and am confident he will keep these lessons with him for a long time because what he saw and heard that day was real — very, very real.

Good luck with your son.

Your friend,

Dear Abram,

I am five years old and I love SAFETY and I love YOU!

Johnnie Hendricks

P.S. Mommy helped me write this letter.

Dear Johnnie.

Yes, SAFETY is a very exciting topic, and at age five you have only just begun your adventure. Teaching others about SAFETY is also an excellent way to show others that you love and care about them. That’s why your friend ABRAM THE SAFETY APE travels the land doing just that — because he gets to share his love with so many many people, just like you! It is a wonderful thing, to share this love and knowledge with others, but it is also sad because ABRAM THE SAFETY APE is always traveling, always leaving his new friends and all that love behind. There is no rest. Only memories. Maybe you can send ABRAM THE SAFETY APE a little drawing or something to help him remember who you are. Did you have glasses? Or a short sleeved shirt? Or maybe your Mommy can send something of her own. What kinds of shirts does she wear? Maybe she has a photograph too? Yes, you should both send photographs. No need to be shy!

Your friend,

Mr. Abram The Safety Ape:

I am an elementary school teacher and have seen first hand the change in my students’ attitudes towards safety both in class and at home. I am glad to see my students now actually fear the things and actions that could hurt them. Keep up the excellent work. I applaud you.

Mrs. A Dotter
Third Grade Teacher
Old Mill Elementary School

Dear Mrs. Dotter,

Thank you for your encouraging words. As a fellow teacher, I’m sure you frequently encounter new opinions and theories about how best to educate our youth. There is nothing new, however, about human instinct, and for millenia fear has been Mother Nature’s chosen tool for awaking the instinct of self-preservation. Fear is an essential element in Mother Nature’s lesson plan, and so it must be for us.

Good luck with your pupils!

Your friend,

Yo Abram!

Howzitgoin? I wanted to let you know that I was successful in that I did I didn’t hurt myself while carpenting a spice rack for my ma. Your safety smarts saved me from another trip to the E.R. and my ma is happy about that. And the spice rack.

Peace, Razzie

Dear Razzle,

That is really great about your spice rack! I am so glad you were able to finish the job without cutting off a finger or nailing or drilling yourself. Good job! You know, they say “variety is the spice of life,” so you could call your new project a “variety rack” too. People might now know what you were talking about until you explained, but when they figured it out they would have a little chuckle. ABRAM THE SAFETY APE wouldn’t necessarily laugh, but ABRAM is very serious because SAFETY is a serious issue. I hope you can understand that SAFETY is no laughing matter.

Your friend,

Dear Abram,

There is this old refrigerator down in the wash. My friend and I were playing in it and we were closing ourselves in it to see how long we could take it, ya know? And when it was my friends turn I locked him in and walked off for a joke! Are you saying that refrigerators are dangerous? Should I go back and let him out?

Phares K. Gonzales

Dear Pharaoh,

Ho ho. Abram The Safety Ape is glad you asked. Sometimes humans get carried away with scientific experiments and observations which is why Abram The Safety Ape always advises extra precautions when mixing unknown chemicals, dissecting creatures and other avenues of exploration. It’s good that you and your friend are challenging your intellect with real life puzzles but it’s even better that you took the time to ask someone more knowledgeable than yourself about a potentially life-threatening problem. I suggest you return to the wash to teach your friend about the dangers of playing in old refrigerators and perhaps he might have something to teach you as well.

Your friend,

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