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V. Vale of RE/Search Publications writes… “In the tradition of Jean Jacques Perrey and Bruce Haack, Reverend Al and his zany cohorts have created diabolically-compassionate sound collages which not only amuse but actually enlighten as well. There are eruptive of mirth scattered throughout these somewhat amazing “compositions,” which are often unified by truly instructional omniscient male-voiced narratives straight out of the fifties. Here “avant-garde” gets disguised by satire. Incorporating the best of fifties high school driver’s safety short films and first-aid training films, these compositions boast car crash sound effects, emergency phone calls, electronic swooshes and almost-melodic tonalities, sometimes punctuated by gorgeous female sounds and shrieks. Rarely has sex and violence been so compellingly distilled into such pleasurable sonic fables and parables for our schizophrenic millennium. Today, with Valley of the Dolls aids such as Prozac illuminating life’s pathways, how can we falter? If we do, the reassuringly “scientific”-sounding narratives from our friends, the Art of Bleeding, will surely guide us back to the straight and narrow.”

Download from ITUNES or stream individual songs below:

Halloween Safety

Soundtrack to an old safety film dressed up for the season.

Gambled and Lost

Car crashes seductively orchestrated for the one-way road.

The Magic The Ambulance

Signature song of Art of Bleeding’s beloved mascot, Abram the Safety Ape.


Digits displaced and a jolly tune.

Wounds with Names

Forensic guessing game for a sharp-edged world.

Like a Ball Peen Hammer

Struck by lightning firsthand, graphic detail, golf, and contemplation of “lightning flowers”.


Vital signs in the undertow, anoxia, and burning white gulls.

Valley of the Orthopedic

Articulation of the human skeleton, Southern gothic style. Soundtrack for performance at Silver Lake Film Festival 2004.

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