T SHIRTS: Abram & RT ($16)


Available through Y-Que Trading Post (1770 North Vermont Ave., LA, CA 90027 213-910-1501) or by contacting us directly.

AUDIO: Gory Details & Music from the Magic Ambulance


(Gory Details: $9.99 & Magic Ambulance: $6.93.  Or $.99 track)

Available through iTunes.  (Note: The stories on this Gory Details recording are different from what you can currently hear on this website.)

A perfectly sick and beautiful mix of cabaret goodness and medical madness…. certainly slam your brakes on to rubberneck this gorgeous accident. — Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)

Numerous laughs … diabolically-compassionate “avant-garde” disguised by satire. — V. Vale (REsearch Publications)


coloringbookCOLORING BOOK: Ryan’s Abscess ($7.50)

Hospital visits can be very frightening for a young person, and this coloring book won’t help.  Especially Ryan.  Ryan’s parents don’t really love him.  Neither does his plush bear.  And now they want to take away his abscess!  The Art of Bleeding coloring book by Rev. Al (creator of Crayons for Jesus) is be available at Y-Que Trading Post (1770 North Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027 213-910-1501) or by contacting us directly.

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