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Side Effects May Include Wackiness

It was 15 years ago last month that Viagra was patented, which means those of us over the age of 15 have endured that many years of tiresome Viagra jokes. And it shows no signs of letting up as demonstrated by last week’s promotion of the Viagra-laced Royal Virility Performance Ale tagged with slogan “Arise Prince Willy.”


Of course sometimes taking a joke too far is just what makes it funny, and it’s hard to fault a man with the chutzpah to put himself into the joke the way this man has put himself into his handcrafted Canadian Viagra costume.


Perhaps the only consumer item with a more depleted of comic potential would be Spam, so it should come as no surprise that those drawn to Spam humor might attempt to reinvigorate that topic with a dose of the blue magic.  This is how we get things like Viagra Spam Mousse or Spam Musubi.


To be fair, here again there is pleasingly maniacal passion for detail.  The “VGR 50” imprint in the mousse above, for instance, is obtained by first crafting a mold made by impressing a Viagra shaped paperweight into paraffin.

The paperweight, which can be found on eBay, is one of the more dignified examples of  Viagra inspired novelties one could buy there.  The worst, perhaps, is this inexplicable Viagra Cone Hat.   And it’s available at a special “close-out price”! Go figure.


If 15 years of this is just too much for you, and you share our fashionable hatred of Viagra jokes and the evil pharmaceutical companies that spawn them, there’s always the natural alternative — one that doesn’t feel compelled to work for your laughs.  Horny Goat Weed is confident in its own absurdity.


Paperback Nurses: Nurse versus Nature

Paperback romance novels about nurses experienced a peculiar popularity throughout the ’60s and ’70s.   Without reading a single example, and without the Women’s Studies degree necessary to painfully belabor the point, it seems safe to say they were glutted with sexist stereotypes and leave the discussion of content there.  It’s more fun to judge them by the covers anyway, and thankfully there are tons of them online for those ready to look.  One resources is the Library of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Special Collections, where you can find over  425 examples.

Here is a thematic sampling from their collections:  Nurse dropped into rather unlikely natural settings. More to follow in the coming weeks.


This one places Nurse “Cherry Caldwell”  amid seaside crags where she must struggle with issues of familial loyalty and, presumably, her porn star name.


Postcard perfect nurses at  Grand Canyon?  I guess someone has to treat poison ivy and burro bites…


This one featured an excerpt that caught my eye….

“Nurse Quentin McCall had two great loves—skiing and nursing . . . but lovely Quentin soon found herself tangled in a snowdrift of conflicting emotions . . . Quentin asked herself, ‘If a mask was a necessity for love, was she willing to wear one?’”

Some nurse-themed kind of paean to ski-mask sex?


I suppose this is just inevitable.  Wait till you see how they treat jellyfish stings!


Insert “log” joke here.  But be gentle.

Celebrities Diseases: Lycanthropy?

The fact that there’s a site dedicated to “Celebrities with Diseases” is a happy thing, but they don’t say which celebrity suffers from lycanthropy….

Hypertrichosis or Ambras Syndrome is the description of a condition which causes extremely excessive hair growth about the body and face. Another term which has been given to it in the modern era is Werewolf Syndrome although people with Hypertrichosis do not generally suffer with clinical lycanthro