Going Deeper

The most common perception of The Art of Bleeding is that it is a somewhat unconventional comedy troupe influenced by the aesthetics of performance art. This is a completely accurate.

heartkeyBut is that ALL?

Our dedication to health and safety instruction is  likewise regarded as a comedic guise.  It is that — but is it exclusively that?

Whatever the truth, we know that laughter can open doors, and we are happy when you are amused.  We want to open your doors.

Abram the Safety Ape and friends are easy to laugh at — simple as cartoons — and that’s just how we wanted it.  We are blissfully complicit in your titillation by salaciously dressed nurses, and happily facilitate your schadenfreude at the personal sufferings detailed in the “Gory Details” stories.

And if it’s all as low as that — why are you visiting this page?  Where is the “deeper” that you sought?

Or did something lead you here?

Could it be that in these pages, in our productions, or in talking to members of our group, you’ve noticed something is —  off ?  It’s funny, yes, but funny in a funny way — jarring elements or strange juxtapositions, things speaking one way yet meaning another?

The name itself – why “bleeding”?  What is that symbol on the ambulance?  Why these references to the “unconscious”? And “True Safety Consciousness”?  WHAT IS ALL THIS ABOUT?

For those who are ready to go deeper…


Mission Statement
A Few Questions Answered
About our Shows
About the Symbol
A Guiding Light


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