Mission Statement


The Art of Bleeding Foundation is here to serve. We believe learning can be fun and strive to create an engaging environment in which greater understanding of universal and catastrophic mortality is inescapable.

As a non-accredited educational foundation, we are free to explore unconventional modes of teaching and presentation, conveying practical information on medical emergencies in a manner inclined to leave lingering impressions on both children and adults.

Unlike conventional teaching on topics such as first aid and safety, our methodology is not constrained to a dogmatic series of scripted “how-to’s” but presents a more loosely interpretive approach to the topic of life-threatening trauma including shock, hemorrhage, and electrocution.

Though many look for easy answers in tourniquet and CPR, we believe each act in the mortal drama summons its own unique climax. Because we offer no placebo against life’s ills, The Art of Bleeding has been labeled “a traveling medicine show without any cure”. ¬†We take this is a compliment, though it’s probably not intended like that.



We regard bleeding as a sublimely physical evocation of powers autonomic, instinctual, and free. No less than the unconscious rhetoric of our dreams, bleeding is a natural and dynamic expression responding to specific struggles of the physically embodied ego.

Naturally, the suppression of bleeding from injuries either internal or external is of primary concern to anyone involved in emergency medicine, but until we understand bleeding in its essential reality — one inextricably woven into the unconscious fabric of our bodies and our dreams — we can do little but temporarily staunch the flow.

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Emergency Medicine for the Unconscious Mind