Wed., Nov. 14, 2012
Doors: 9:30pm
Hyperion Tavern (Hush Club)
1941 Hyperion Avenue
LA (Silver Lake), CA 90027


Tonight Ye Olde Hushe Clubbe recklessly prescribes a mix of medical, musical and vaudevillian entertainments with inevitable risk of mind-altering interaction.

Legendary producer, artist, and underground luminary KIM FOWLEY offers his inimitable musical ravings, channeling the timeless teenage Id through a polluted septuagenarian stream of consciousness. It’s a new and interactive art form, like group therapy with a back-up band. Some will be healed, some demons invoked.

Thanks to Nurse SNOW MERCY, Fowley has recently joined forces with the surrealist-satiric ambulance crew of THE ART OF BLEEDING to star in their latest production, ALL THINGS NICE, which premieres tonight.

With this semi-animated video short, these parodic paramedicals reach new heights of age-inappropriate entertainment, mixing nursery rhymes, anatomical striptease, and overly developed doll-women. Fowley gets cozy with a scalpel and leads the way. Nurses featured in the video are: Snow Mercy, Nurse Poppy, Nurse Amanita, Nurse Amputette, Nurse Tayler, Kat, and Kristina.

The ever-more-scantily clad ART OF BLEEDING NURSES appearing in the video will also be on hand to tend to the faint of heart, and you are invited to DRESS FOR THE HOSPITAL in order to receive their ministrations. The reclusive ABRAM THE SAFETY APE will also make a rare appearance to guide the easily misguided through his multimedia world of Health and Safety infotainment.

Comedian and recovering circus impresario ERIC CASH will offer commentary (and probably tribute to the eldritch Gods) throughout the night. His yelling, kicking, screaming fight against reason has sullied the stages of many a comedy club, dive bar, and even a junkyard, and he looks forward to leaving his comedic stain on Ye Olde Hushe Clubbe tonight.

Rounding out the evening will be the curvatures of burlesque artist and actress in tonight’s featured video, KRISTINA NEKYIA. Expect a sizzling and not-quite tasteful medically-themed performance.

DOORS 9:30. Come early because the venue is TINY and this incomparable presentation is UNREASONABLY, IMPROBABLY and ENTIRELY….
FREE!!!!!!! FREE!!!!!!! FREE!!!!!!!

Visit the doll hospital in The Art of Bleeding’s ALL THINGS NICE


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Nurse Jezebelle (Photo: Marianne Williams)

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