Ever Felt a Felt Scrotum?


We don’t regularly patrol needlecraft blogs for topical material, but want to thank Scott of Laughing Squid for alerting us to this entry on Mr X Stitch discussing the work of Rachel Bernstein, a fiber artist working in New York with anatomical themes and subjects.

Bernstein comments on her unusual choice of subject:

In some of my work, I depict the body’s interior, challenging conventions of beauty. Inner organs are often presented as a subject of horror or, perhaps, clinical interest. But organs are as beautiful as the contours of our exteriors.I depict components of the digestive, circulatory, and muscular systems using organic materials such as felt and needlepoint to emphasize the delicacy and fragility of inner organs. They transform those parts that we least like to see into objects of exquisite and gentle intrigue.




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