Postcards from the Medical Side


The chance to enjoy an ice cream soda with a partner attractively outfitted in an orthopedic garment is one of life’s rare pleasures. Rarer still is such a handsome depiction of said moment.  But here we have it all —  the awkwardly placed candelabra, the oversized tablecloth, and the strange suggestion of cross-dressing presented by the silver-haired gentleman’s bra-like garment.  And for this we have to thank Bad Postcards, a must-see website for anyone eager to ogle kitschy old postcards of cheesy hotel rooms, fiberglass dinosaurs, and kittens plopped down next to geraniums — and this one originally distributed by “OTC Professional Appliances.”  The note on the back further explains: “Save that roll of tape, Doctor…prescribe comfortable OTC rib belts for your rib-fracture cases…easily removable for bathing, examination, or dressing…foam rubber padded or flannel-lined.”

Our friends from OTC also bring us this image of neck traction enjoyed in the comfort of one’s own home:


The back reads: “Whether for extension or suspension, Doctor…we’re equipped to take care of your head halter needs…we can supply complete home traction kits.”

And if these don’t capture your heart, perhaps the retro goodness of this colossal walk-through heart from the Science Museum at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute will set your own non-fiberglass ticker all aflutter.



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