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Fake Science, Smart Humor

Some have accused The Art of Bleeding of propagating fake science with our Anatomy MInutes series, and for that we thank you. But recently we discovered the Tumblr site Fake Science, which truly outdoes us in that field.  Like Anatomy Minutes, and for that matter the BBC’s  faux science series, Look Around You, Fake Science conveys its teachings with the help of charmingly dated visuals.

This is a sampling of some of the more medically oriented offerings from Fake Science, but we suggest you waste much more of your boss’s time perusing the entire site.  It’ll be well worth your while.






AoB’s Anatomy Minutes 2: The Salivary Glands

Laughingsquid.com has posted the latest episode of Art of Bleeding “Anatomy Minutes,” writing:

A parody of the scratchy old educational films used to sedate students of a bygone era, this latest from The Art of Bleeding — the second in the “Anatomy Minutes” series — quickly acquaints you with those most mouthwatering glands in the human body….