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Video from 2006 Car Crash Show

This Halloween weekend Art of Bleeding will be returning to The Steve Allen Theater to present an enlarged (“inflamed”? “engorged”?) version of our 2006 Halloween car crash show.   This excerpted video, shot by Chuck Cirino of Weird TV, should give you a taste of what lies in store for guests of our 2011 extravaganza. The man with the mic is one of our returning perfomers Danny Shorago of The Fuxedos, America’s favorite apocalyptic comedy art-rock band. Music is “Gambled and Lost” from  The Art of Bleeding’s Music from the Magic Ambulance.


The Gory Details Audio Archive

This Halloween weekend as part of our event at The Steve Allen Theater, we’ve invited some of your favorite comedians, artists, and underground personalities to share macabre stories of their own grisly medical incidents. This is actually a continuation The Gory Details Project, our attempt to create an audio archive of true first-person stories of medical emergencies.We began collecting these stories in 2006 using a dedicated phone line and also occasionally parking our ambulance on public streets and using costumed nurses to corral passersby into our mobile recording studio. More recently, some of those stories became the basis for a series of videos.  (More on that later.)

The 100+ recordings can be streamed here. If you don’t like clicking on streaming links every 2 minutes, a selection of some of our favorites can be downloaded from iTunes.

The Art of Bleeding in 28 Seconds

It’s been going on for over 100 posts now, and amid all the curious paramedical lore and imagery presented, I’m realizing that a fairly small percentage of these have actually touched up The Art of Bleeding itself, your friendly hosts and the medically themed performance group this blog was originally intended to promote. So here, in a grand total of 28 seconds, I offer a brief description — inadequate perhaps, but at least visually stimulating. Of course you can also read about us in the “About” section of this site.

Rare Live Appearance by Bouncehausen

Our Halloween weekend extravaganza at the Steve Allen Theater will feature a rare live appearance by the enitmatic band/art-collective known as Bouncehausen. Preferring to perform under pitch black conditions only intermittently interrupted by seizure-inducing blasts from a strobe, this reclusive group have rarely been photographed.  However, our sources assure us that the pitiable creatures featured in the photographs above are among its key members.

On October 28, 29, and 30th, Bouncehausen’s performance will take place indoors on the theater stage, before, during, and probably long after the outdoor show takes place.  Intrepid visitors are invited to wander in and experience Bouncehausen at any point during the evening.  During the course of their 72-hour performance they are expected to sustain and relieve themselves through intubation.

A spokesperson for the group has released this statement:

Bouncehausen will sonically recreate the exact moment of impact of a terrifying automobile crash, slow it down 300 million times and stretch it into one seven hour epic “song” that will take three days to play. If you are able to witness even a small part of this historic event you will have a much greater understanding of what it sounds like to exist on a molecular level as steel and glass twist and explode.

(WARNING: Bouncehausen contains members of Woodpussy, WACO, Millisecond Evolution and Gingerbread Swastika. Please be advised)

Photos from our SF Show

Last weekend ,The Art of Bleeding performed at block party alongside giant singing Tesla coils, steam engines, and other mobile art installations outside the gallery 111 Minna. The event was a book release party for Bay Area impresario Chicken John’s new publication The Book of the IS.

This performance was a miniaturized version of our Halloween weekend event in Los Angeles.

(Photos by Nick Winterhalter)

Los Angeles Halloween Show Announced

HALLOWEEN HIGHWAY 2 with Art of Bleeding and Friends

Friday, October 28, 8:00pm – 10:30
Saturday, October 29, 8:00pm – 10:30
Sunday, October 30, 8:00pm – 10:30

Steve Allen Theater
4773 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

This Halloween weekend, The Art of Bleeding will once again transform the Steve Allen Theater parking lot into a ghoulish carnival of entertaining catastrophes featuring a SPECTACULARLY REAL MULTI-VEHICLE CAR-CRASH TABLEAU.

Against a smoldering backdrop of twisted cars, you’ll have the opportunity to hear TRUE STORIES OF MEDICAL HORRORS and ACCIDENTS from a rotating lineup of storytellers including MARGARET CHO, ANDY DICKJIM TURNER, TOBY HUSS, EDDIE PEPITONE,  SELENE LUNA, DON BOLLES, STEPHEN HOLMAN, CLINT CATALYST, DUKEY FLYSWATTER, DANNY SHORAGO, KIM STODEL, BIENO SVENGALI, and more TBA shortly.

Providing dubious educational counterbalance to these tales of trauma will be THE ART OF BLEEDING‘s “Magic Ambulance Theater,” a tragically misguided children’s show featuring gore-drenched actors, pedantic Safety Ape, bickering robot, and an ample array of attendant nurses in less-than-ample wardrobe.
FEMALE BLOOD WRESTLING, and a frighteningly live sound-performance installation by the enigmatic medical miracles of BOUNCEHAUSEN round out the evening.

(NOTE: This program may not suitable for children)

TICKETS $10, Available online for: FRIDAY 10/28,   SATURDAY 10/29,  SUNDAY 10/30

(Photos from Halloween Highway 2006)


Andy Dick, Jim Turner, Don Bolles, Clint Catalyst, Bieno Svengali

FRIDAY 10/28
TOBY HUSS  Carnivàle. Adventures of Pete & Pete), (EDDIE PEPITONE (Last Comic Standing, Old School) DUKEY FLYSWATTER (Haunted Garage, Surf Nazis Must Die), STEPHEN HOLLMAN (Theater Carnivale, Pee Wee’s Playhouse), DANNY SHORAGO (The Fuxedos), KIM STODAL

MARGARET CHO (Drop Dead Diva, The Cho Show), TOBY HUSS (Carnivàle, Adventures of Pete & Pete), SELENE LUNA (The Cho Show, My Bloody Valentine 3D)

SUNDAY 10/30
MARGARET CHO (Drop Dead Diva, The Cho Show)TOBY HUSS (Carnivàle. Adventures of Pete & Pete) KIM STODAL



AUTOMOBILE SCULPTURE: Clod Wrinkleman, Al Ridenour

ART OF BLEEDING MAGIC AMBULANCE THEATER: Randy Horton, Phil Glau, Al Ridenour, Eric Ridenour, Auriana Borealis, Jezebelle X, Harmony Rose, Tayler Jones, B.J & Eileen Winslow, Erin Robotmachine.

BOUNCEHAUSEN: Jason Hadley, Elizabeth Herndon, Joe Borfo, Cathy Gingerly, Rev. Mook, Rev. Dak J. Ultimak, Kel, Nicole Arneson, Matteo Oettam, Tim Wheeler, Esther Napastick, Michel Cicero, Todd Sterling

BLOOD WRESTLING: Auriana Borealis, Snow Mercy, Chrystal Skye, &TBA




Art of Bleeding Show Announced

If you’re in San Francisco, September 30, you’ll have the chance to witness The Art of Bleeding stage something akin to our 2006 Halloween Car Crash show shown here. The event will celebrate the publication of The Book of the Is by punk-rock impresario, prankster, mayoral candidate, and man-about-town Chicken John.  AoB will perform alongside the daredevils of of Cyclecide’s Bike Rodeo and other acts TBA at  at 111 Minna Gallery, (or rather on the street outside the gallery!)