Others Attempt to Describe The Art of Bleeding

"A perfectly sick and beautiful mix of cabaret goodness and medical madness....certainly slam your brakes on to rubberneck this gorgeous accident" -- Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls
Numerous laughs, as well as some disturbingly sexual titillation to those not overexposed to nurse-with-wounds-type porno fetishism... diabolically-compassionate "avant-garde" disguised by satire.

Art of Bleeding stirs up a gory gumbo that aims to make audiences uncomfortable. While previous shows have been stellar, these upcoming performances... represent Art of Bleeding at a grander, more disturbing scale.

Spewing gore-soaked foetuses from tentacled wombs and scaring kids straight with "faceless boys," The Art Of Bleeding make first aid fun! ...Far from being a new age Red Cross The Art of Bleeding turns straitlaced safety education on its head, and hits the audience with half-naked naughty nurses soaked in animal blood, inflatable foetuses and fucked-up puppet shows.

Reverend Al Ridenour's ambulance antics define "sick" in the best sense of the word.

Song-and-dance medical cabaret, a sort of Annie meets A Clockwork Orange, complete with retro medical instruction videos.

From the minute their vintage ambulance rolls up to an unsuspecting venue, you know you're in for something different.

Part performance art, part comedy, part Red Asphalt made real, the Art of Bleeding is unlike anything you've ever seen.

A carnival of faux cardiac arrests and shocking safety stylings.

While the jargon is all retro health and safety-education material, the culty fetishism is more J.G. Ballard than CPR. A rotating cast of zany, sexy nurses (including one volatile Kitty Diggins) and the mascot/ambulance driver, Abram the Safety Ape, invite audience participation.

What do you get when you cross a medical fetish with lots of gory makeup and performance art?

They just want to help. We're not sure what the robots, gorillas and nearly naked porn nurses want to do, but we're willing to trust them.

Brilliantly dark... and not safe for work.

When I came upon this, I thought to myself, "Wow, I am actually, deeply creeped out by this!" then I thought, "This is the kind of sick stuff the internet is all about and yet is so rare these days!"

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